Thank You RADAR!!

Raising Aid for Dogs at Risk

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RADAR Pic Tigger and Winnie

A huge "Thank you" to RADAR
(Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk)

for providing a grant for Winnie's and Tigger's heartworm treatment. RADAR paid in full the vet's invoice for their treatment and we are very grateful for their support. RADAR is a true godsend for many shelter dogs and especially those left behind because of breed, age, health conditions or other factors that cause them to be overlooked by rescues and adopters. In this case, RADAR is a true hero for Winnie and Tigger in providing funding for their heartworm treatment. 
Many thanks to Vice-President and Co-founder of

RADAR, Ken Siegert,

for approving the grant for Winnie and Tigger!

RADAR's mission statement is below: 

            RADAR - Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk - Mission Statement
We raise funds to provide grants for specific dogs in shelters. Our focus is primarily on smaller, overcrowded, and underfunded rural shelters that typically operate below the radar in Appalachia and the Southeast.

Our efforts are aimed at providing grants to otherwise adoptable dogs in these shelters who are least likely to get adopted (older dogs, black dogs, special-needs dogs, medical-needs dogs), regardless of breed. We also help dogs who are on a shelter’s euthanasia list.

By covering part or all of the costs of necessary veterinary care, etc. for these dogs most at risk, rescues are far more likely to be able to help these dogs. We assist rescues that commit to these at-risk dogs with veterinary care, temporary boarding, transport, and other costs. We also highlight the dogs we assist on our website and through social media to help get them on the radar to be adopted or taken by a rescue, and to increase awareness of the plight of at-risk dogs.

Thank you Again big 
Radar is the BEST!!!  THANK YOU RADAR!!!


We are a very small group of volunteers advocating for humane solutions, and life-affirming alternatives for homeless, abandoned animals.  We find loving homes for adoptable dogs abandoned in crowded, high kill shelters; we operate a one of a kind cage-free, safe-haven sanctuary for feral and unadoptable cats in Chesapeake, VA.

We endeavor to cultivate the values of compassion, empathy and stewardship in our community as we educate our fellow citizens and neighbors about the plight of homeless animals and what they can do to help stop this crisis.

 Our goal is to end the routine ‘euthanasia’ of healthy,adoptable animals as an acceptable practice in our society.

If you would like to help us help animals, please complete our volunteer application and email it to: 

        Thank You!!

                  CLICK HERE----->   OUR STORY   to see how we got started!