Thank You RADAR!!

Raising Aid for Dogs at Risk

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Sponsorship Information

Make a difference...Sponsor an Animal and Save a Life!! 

When you become a sponsor, you are making it possible 
for us to save another animal. 

and We THANK YOU!!!!!!

   Maybe you're not in a position to adopt, foster or volunteer, but you still want to help.
Well, that's ok!! - because you can still help - by being a sponsor!  As a sponsor, you are key
to our rescue work!  Sponsors make it possible for us to provide medical care, food, litter,
cleaning supplies, crates, toys, bowls, treats, collars and leashes, etc.,
- in other words, everything needed to take good care of our animals!! 
And, you can be sure, the costs add up quickly.

You may choose to pledge a monthly fee to help a specific animal or you may want to offer a one-time 
sponsorship. Whichever way you decide to go, you are our partner in rescue.
Remember:  our financial support comes 100% directly from YOU
and it goes 100%
directly to the animals.   
We do not have any paid employees - we are 100% volunteer.   
 We are an IRS Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 
and your donations are 100%
tax deductible.
  If you would like help save a life and sponsor one or our animals in need, 

please call ANN POWDERLY at 757-630-6181...or

   We look forward to hearing from YOU! :-)